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        Say hello to the new art collector – YOU

        Collecting art is easy, inspiring and make you life richer.

        Let your friends be jealous your family be proud.

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        Alpine North in June

        Whether it is one room or your entire house, art leasing provides a flexible and cost effective way to create truly exciting spaces. Artbank has been collecting, curating and promoting the value of Australian art for over 40 years – with more than 10,000 artworks by Australian artists, our collection has something for everyone!

        Our art consultants specialise in curating thoughtful and impactful art selections that will both inspire and delight. Many of our clients choose to refresh their Artbank artworks annually to energise their home and impress their family and friends.


        Can I change the art work after one year?

        How do I get the art?


        Yes, Why not? It’s the best way to find out if what you love works. Or even fits. Renting a piece of art gives you a chance to road test, experiment, or explore your taste — risk free.

        And with our scheme, some of the money you spend renting, you can offset against the cost of something you buy.

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