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          ICEHOTEL official photographer

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            Online Workshop Series:
            Alpine North in June

            Spectacular fine art photography captured with my heart

            Asaf kliger Destination Wedding Photographer based in Sweden and Israel – shooting love stories all over the world.
            “I love to be in the moment with my couples, creating magic that will last for a lifetime. My couples are the true stars; brave, creative and willing to give what it takes to get that extraordinary shot.Whether it’s to stand in the freezing cold night in Swedish lapland under the northern lights or to allow me to be part of the emotional journey during the wedding day. 
            To be able to give full attention and turn your unforgettable moments into longtime memories I shoot a limited number of 25 weddings in a year. 
            Let’s create magic together.

            Jack & Mithila – All in – in Lapland

            Kamila & Dawid – Winter wonderland wedding in ICEHOTEL, Sweden

            Marcus & Terese

            Jasper & Tanya

            Rachel & Thijs // Stylish wedding

            Maya & Knut – Norwigian style

            Marit & Kjell – snow storm winter wedding

            Jessika, Simon and the family

            Outdoor Weddings

            Hey! Your arctic dreams starting here!

            I'm Asaf Kliger and since the last decade I have my dream job as a Destination Wedding Photographer travelling the world to tell love stories. I have a background from the Art Academy in Jerusalem and as a photo journalist so I mix my passion for art with storytelling and give my couples the result of authentic, creative and artistic wedding photos - captured from my heart.
            I run my own little Fine Art Print Studio, and deliver hand made fine art photos to my couples all over the world.

            Oh my, you really do have both the eye and unimaginable talent! The pictures looks awesome(and I dont even care about the 15 extra kilos I've still put on - that shows how bloody good you are!).
            We feel very blessed having you to have captured our day. The ring photography doesnt really matter, we keep the rings with us every day, but the way you've captured a day passing to never return we are very grateful for!

            Wow, and wow again. I had wanted to email you to say thank you for making it an enjoyable experience. The quality of the photos are now the icing on the cake.
            You were amazingly quick in getting them to us. It is so exciting looking through them, and for two people that don't like having our picture taken you were fantastic at making us feel at ease with such lovely photos as a result. You must be a magician.
            You've managed to capture both the romantic and fun side of the day.

            Janet & Chris

            our wedding photos are amazing! We...the scenery...everything looks like a fairy tale. It’s wonderful come back to these magic moment. I can’t decide which photo is my favourite ;) 

            Kamila & David

            Good to know about getting married in magic wonderland

            Getting married in ICEHOTEL

            Some tips for the outfit

            The dramatic weather of Lapland

            Great ideas for adventurous couples

            Locations for the photoshoot

            A. Well, the true beauty of choosing Jukkasjärvi and Icehotel for your wedding is the element of surprise that is greater than any other I’ve experienced. Whereas most other wedding destinations you can anticipate almost exactly what they will look like, Icehotel itself is constantly evolving with new designs every year. Also the nature and weather up in the Arctic Circle always presents new conditions and – used the right way – opportunities. In my opinion there is no safer hands to be in than Icehotel’s. With the skills, experiences and local knowledge of their team they can tailor a really authentic, fairytale wedding when it comes to outdoor and winter weddings.