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        A good friend of mine wrote some words about my photography that went straight into my heart.

        “You can only get as touched by a photo as the photographer is willing to go deep within his own soul. And this is where he meets you, Asaf, when capturing the true essence and sensitivity of the ones he is photographing. When looking at Asaf’s photos it’s like entering a world beyond a beautiful scenery or a romantic couple. It’s an invitation to meet the true souls of the persons in front of the camera, the true soul of the mountains, the dessert or the swell in the ocean. Asaf’s pictures are a gateway that leads you to be touched deep within yourself. It’s a feeling of being part of the very moment where the capture took place. It’s playfulness and creativity. It’s true passion and light.” Kristin Montagu Evans

        Hey Legends! Let me tell you a little bit more about myself.
        I’m born in Israel and since 2015 I live part time in Sweden and part time in Israel, and I’m used to take photos in extreme conditions such as minus 25 degrees in Swedish Lapland or 35 degrees in a remote camel farm in Israel (challenge me!). I’m also the official photographer for the famous Icehotel in Swedish Lapland, so during the winter I meet many couples under the northern lights.
        I was a sport photographer for 10 years and I finished after covering the Olympic in Rio 2016.
        Parallel to my wedding bussinses I’m running an online art print shop where I’m selling prints from my collations. you can check in the menu the Red Dot Print Shop.